What are SIP Trunking DID Numbers?

Direct In Dial Numbers, more popularly known as DID numbers, are normal phone numbers that callers use to dial your SIP Trunking service. Unlike regular landline numbers that are tied to a geographical location, you can select a SIP Trunk DID number in any state or region regardless of the location of your place of business. Establish a national presence while offering customers local call rates by advertising local DID numbers in every city you do business in.
  • Adelaide (SA)
  • Brisbane (QLD)
  • Cairns (QLD)
  • Canberra (ACT)
  • Geelong (VIC)
  • Gold Coast (QLD)
  • Hobart (TAS)
  • Melbourne (VIC)
  • Mullumbimby (NSW)
  • Nambour (QLD)
  • Perth (WA)
  • Sydney (NSW)
  • Other areas on request (subject to availability and pricing)

Each SIP Trunking plan comes with a specific number of DIDs. You may purchase additional DIDs as needed for a low monthly charge. (Refer to individual plans for pricing details).

A block of 100 DID numbers can also be purchased for $70+GST per month.

How to transfer existing numbers to your SIP Trunking Service

You have the option to keep your existing phone numbers for your SIP service. These include Australian landline numbers, VoIP numbers, and inbound numbers (13, 1300, and 1800 numbers).

Please refer to the following guides to learn more about transferring your number to HostedPBX.com.au:

The difference between DID numbers and extensions

Our plans come with a different number of extensions and DID numbers:

  • DID numbers are the direct phone numbers that external callers dial to reach you.
  • Aside from your office phones, extensions include fax and central voicemail boxes (also known as voicemail-only extensions).

It is not necessary to have an equal number of DID numbers and extensions:

  • Multiple users can have individual extensions but share a single DID number. A receptionist or an automated IVR menu can then transfer calls to each specific user.
  • Teams can share a single DID, while some individual extensions can have dedicated DID numbers.
  • Each extension can have its own DID number so that every single one can be reached by external callers.
  • DID numbers can be configured to redirect to phones outside of your business phone system. When calls are routed to mobiles or a live answering service, no extension is necessary.