How to Set Up an IP Phone System

Setting up your Hosted PBX service is easy and straightforward. Here is a quick guide through the entire set up process.


Network Assessment

Before starting on the setup, the first step is to determine your connection’s compatibility with our hosted PBX service. Our hosted telephony is internet agnostic, meaning it works with any internet provider (even overseas). However, the quality of your internet service determines whether you will get the call quality you will be happy with.

Refer to our Hosted PBX Requirements page for more details on how to assess your internet service.


Create a Call Flow

Our team will constantly be in touch with you to guide you through the setup process. Determine how and where you want your calls to go by creating a dial plan together. Our provisioning experts will help you set up automatic & manual overflow options for every situation that may arise. Keep your business running despite internet or power outages, early closure, missing staff or employees working from home.


Transferring Existing Numbers (Churns)

We will be coordinating with your previous phone provider to make the transfer of your existing numbers as seamless as possible. Simply provide us with your porting information and we shall endeavor to complete the churn without any interruptions to your business. A port date will be set which will determine when your services will be turned over to us. If you choose to get new numbers, we will help you set up brand new numbers as well.


Phone Provisioning

All provided phones (rental or purchase) are preconfigured to work with our network. These are also equipped with the zero-touch setup functionality. Once your phones are delivered, read the included phone guide and feature sheet before plugging them into your network.


Testing and Installation

Once your phones have been plugged in and tested, we will coordinate with you to review your call plan and address any other questions you may have. Through this call, we can make sure that all your needs are met and you are happy with your phone system to make the install go smoothly.

By port date, all your equipment will be set up and your phones will be tested by users with our support team. Your calls will now ring to your ported numbers (or new ones if you are not porting) and to your new phones.