Included Hosted PBX Features

  • One Direct In-Dial Number (DID) per Service.
  • Basic telephony – the ability to make and receive calls.
  • Advanced features such as Auto Reception, Hunt Group, Voicemail2Email, and Call Forwarding options.
  • Access to your own self-managed web portal through which you can configure and manage your service.

What’s Not Included

  • Additional charges may apply for set up of feature enhancements such as Call Centre Solutions, and for additional DID Numbers.
  • Number transfers (ports) to your hosted PBX system made outside of business hours are subject to additional porting charges.
  • All hardware such as IP Phone handsets and routers are purchased separately. We do NOT provide support for phones purchased from other vendors and we cannot guarantee their compatibility with our network.
  • Standard Call Charges are billed as per the Call Rates listed in the Pricing page.
  • Dishonour and Overdue Account Administration charges may also apply if bills are not paid on time.