FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Can I access caller details?

Yes – with a hosted phone system, you can track your callers and your marketing spend. Detailed call records show details about all calls going out of the system, which can help you to measure the effectiveness of your different marketing channels. You can even get information about individual callers while they’re still on the phone!

Can I transfer my existing number to my hosted phone service?

Yes. You can pay for the number of phone lines you need today, and add (or remove) lines in future as your business grows or your needs change. You can transfer your existing phone number (including 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers) to your Business VoIP service (charges apply), with no interruptions to your business. No need to forward calls or reprint business cards or stationery.

Can I update my hosted phone system?

Yes, you can make changes to your hosted phone service at any time. Power outage? Flood? Use your web management portal to redirect incoming calls to other numbers (e.g. mobiles) to keep your business running. Your portal can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smart phone

Business VoIP

Why should my business use Business VoIP?

  • Stay connected wherever you are. Turn any place into your office, as long as you have a suitable internet connection. Have the ability to work from the office, your home, a hot desk, or even on holiday.
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity. Advanced features like Voice2Email, call forwarding, and missed call notifications lets you do work smarter, and convert more sales enquiries. These features are ALL included at no added charge.
  • A system you won’t outgrow. Upgrade and future-proof your phone system. Pay only for the lines you need and add/remove lines as your business needs change.
  • Save on low setup costs and low VoIP rates. Plans start from as low as $9 a month. Enjoy low-cost national and international VoIP rates. All calls between our VoIP users and advanced features are ALL included as standard, at no added charge.

How long does Business VoIP take to set up?

Installation and set-up is fast and easy. We configure, test and ship your telephone handset to you. All you need to do is plug it in to your high-speed Internet, connect the power, and you’re ready to start making and receiving calls.

SmartConnect® Hosted Phone System

Why should my business use SmartConnect®?

  • NBN Ready. No need to worry about upgrading once NBN arrives at your premises. Your Hosted PBX System and all associated IP phone hardware are NBN-compatible.
  • Stay connected whenever, wherever. Have multiple extensions across offices, even in different states. Stay connected using your mobile or desktop outside of the office using ‘softphones’. Plug and play your phones even at home.
  • Elevate customer service and increase productivity. Feature enhancements like Auto Reception, Call Routing, Voicemail to Email, and Call Centre Solutions help you streamline processes and convert more sales enquiries.
  • 24/7 Support and Reliability. Focus on the core functions of your business. We provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. All our servers are based in Australia across geographically redundant locations. Back up servers are online and ready to go if needed.

SIP Trunking

How does SIP Trunking work?

SIP Trunking is the VoIP equivalent of ISDN. Have a direct phone number for every staff member—without paying line rental on every phone. You are only billed for the lines that you need to use simultaneously.

These lines are then shared among all extensions. The biggest difference from a traditional phone service is that your bills get a whole lot smaller.

  • A system you won’t outgrow. Pay only for the lines you need today. Add or remove lines as your business needs change (up to 100 simultaneous calls).
  • No business interruptions. Transfer your existing phone numbers, including 1300 & 1800 numbers, to your SIP Trunking Service.
  • Compatible with your existing IP PBX system. Incoming calls pass through the number that was dialled, allowing you to customise your phone system routing.
  • Save on low setup costs and low VoIP rates. Plans start from just $32 a month for 4 lines (simultaneous calls) and include free calls between all our VoIP users.

How much money can I save with SIP Trunking?

Many business phone plans charge around $40 per month for basic rental. For example, 10 lines = $400. Our SIP Trunking service can provide 4 simultaneous lines for just $32 a month. That’s an annual saving of $4416!

With VoIP, you pay one low call rate Australia-wide. It basically costs the same to call the other side of the country as it does to call next door! There are also low rates for calling mobile and international numbers, plus FREE calls between all our VoIP customers.