Included Business VoIP Features

  • 1 DID (Direct In-Dial) Phone number
  • All voicemail is sent via email only.
  • Advanced features based on selected plan. (refer to Plans page)
  • Ability to manage change requests online.
  • Access to outbound call records through your own web management portal.

What’s Not Included

  • A one-time set-up charge of $55.00 applies.
  • Number transfers (churns) to your Business VoIP service is subject to number porting charges.
  • Hardware such as: Handsets, routers, firewalls and other equipment.
  • Change requests that can be performed via online portal will be charged at $5 per request.

You will be required to provide

  • A suitable high-speed Internet connection capable of 100kbs up and down traffic per active call.
  • Internal cabling between supplied handset and your router.
  • Your own firewall and its maintenance.
  • The correct service address and update it as required.
  • The correct address and current telephony bill of the DID you wish to port. If no existing numbers are elected on the application you will be provided new DIDs.